Rules and Etiquette

Observe the wonders of the Universe... and these few rules

  • Roads are paved -- drive with care, observing site can be dusty drive slowly. Recommend 5 km/h

  • Respect the environment -- do not trample or disturb shrubs, stay off grassy area.

  • Dim red lights only, dusk to dawn.

  • Generators must be muffled. And only run between 1 and 6 pm

  • Quiet before noon -- observers sleep late!

  • Keep pets leashed and under supervision.

  • Pack out your garbage. Unless Garbage Bin is in place

  • Absolutely no open fires.

Camping guidelines and etiquette

  • Take your garbage out when leaving. Remember our motto: Pack it In,Pack it Out! Need a garbage Bag? Ask Us!

  • It would be a mistake to impose too many regulations on an event where informality is a main attraction. That being said, here are a few suggestions that can help to make everyone's visit a positive experience.

  • Laptop screens should be covered with red cellophane or red acrylic, software reddening is not enough.

  • When choosing your spot, respect the environment (Stay off the grass, this means Tents as well), Please do not block access to the space around you.

  • The use of generators at night is not allowed.

  • Lighting campfires is not permitted at any time. No exceptions on this one.

  • Hibachi or charcoal BBQ are permitted.

  • Carry your own water. There is no water at the site. But can be found at the provincial park 8 km away.

  • Report medical emergencies to an MSQ official. First Aid Kit will be onsite.

  • Speak quietly if you observe well into the morning. Remember that, for various reasons, many others don't.

  • Drive your vehicle dead slow on graveled area, stay off Grassland.

  • Please restrain your pets at all times. Pets MUST be on leashes. In the camping space available, if'n the little darlin poops please use a baggy to dispose of the nasty.

  • Keep your music to a minimum, during observing times it is preferred that none is heard. But this doesn't mean you can't have a discman and headphones blastin your brains out!*wink*

  • If you must smoke, please carry a can or ashtray to dispose of your cigarettes butts, don't litter. This goes for bottle caps and any other small item as well.

Quiet Please

Many observers will be staying up until 4:30+ AM and sleeping until noon. Since fatigue and observing enthusiasm don't mix, please try to be as quiet as possible. There are no penalties other than the cool greetings you may receive from your fellow observers. If you are on the receiving end of a noise transgression please remember that this is a community of observers. Friendly discussion will usually solve any problems.

Lighting Restrictions

To help preserve observers' dark adaptation and to preserve the best conditions possible for astrophotography, a ban on all lighting will be in effect from 8:00 PM until 5:30 AM on observable nights.

The lighting ban includes:

  • Vehicle lights of any kind. If you plan to drive away during the light-restricted hours, park on the main road. If parked on-site, please disable your vehicle's dome light.

  • Trailer and RV interior lights, unless windows are tightly light-shielded. A handy tip - These same shades can be used when sleeping in each morning to keep sunlight out.

  • Coleman lanterns or similar forms of outdoor lighting.

  • Flashlights, unless heavily red-filtered.

  • Flaming Sambucas.

Note: In an emergency, if you must turn on a light, give a warning yell. Others can then take steps to protect their night vision or astrophoto efforts.

Entering And Exiting Instructions

When entering and exiting the site we strongly suggest keeping your speed to 5 km/h to reduce any possible dust. The road into and out-of the site is the flat level roadway on the west side of the observing site, it is flat, level and easy to navigate. It runs through the grassy reclamation area, so PLEASE Please please stay off the grass and stay on the gravel roadway. Permission has been given by the Department of Highways but they require us to stay off the grass. Thanks so much for your cooperation.

Door Prizes!!!

You must be on site to collect your possible door prize! The Door Prize event will occur on the last Saturday of the event at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon! Be there or be square! If you are not on site for the door prize draw following the AGM, your ticket is forfeited unless you can find someone to hold your ticket for you and bring home your prize for you. The reason this is done in this manner is to make the process as fair as possible for all concerned!