Registration and Fees


Your participation and/or donation, helps the society with their preparations to accommodate the needs of the people attending the event itself.

So please help with the preparation phase by registering upon your arrival to the event, when possible or the following day at the registration tent.

Should for any reason you can't make it to the event, be it due to personal reasons or even weather, it would be graciously and humbly appreciated if you would still send in your registration fee to help facilitate the following years event.

This would not only help in providing the ammenities needed for the next years event but would also help fund other ideas and fun items for the members, such as door prizes, t-shirts and in the future hoodies and other items.

Thank you so much for your support of the Merritt Astronomical Society and it's members!

Registration Fees

1 Person Attendee

  • 1 person/1 night: $20

  • 1 person/2 nights: $40

  • 1 person/3 nights or more: $60

2 persons or more

  • 2 persons or more/1 night: $30

  • 2 persons or more/2 nights: $50

  • 2 persons or more/3 nights: $70

Registration Hours

From 3 to 6 PM each afternoon at the registration tent.