Driving Directions

Attendees are expected to arrive during daylight hours. After dark, there is a very strict "no white light" rule and this includes vehicle headlights. Therefore, entry after dark is NOT PERMITTED unless you can cover your headlights completely with a tarp, a blanket, red cellophane, or any other way to block the white light, as well as turning off your interior dome light. If, during the star party, we find this rule consistently being ignored, you may find the access road blocked until morning

Loon Lake Observing Site

Via Highway 5 / Coquihalla Highway

Take exit 286 towards Kelowna (97C / 5A). You will be travelling on this highway approximately 38 km.

There is a good highway sign marking the Loon Lake Road exit. When you come off the highway via the Loon Lake Road exit, you will come to a stop sign, you will see a large culvert that goes back under the highway to your left. (causing you to head North). Go under the highway and following the paved road, you will soon see a green road sign marked LOON LAKE ROAD to your left; follow this road sign. The entire road is paved right up to the observing site, although there are a few minor potholes. You will travel approximately 3 minutes on this paved road. You will come to a "T" intersection with another culvert on your left hand side. You should see a blue sign marked Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial park and a green road sign for Loon Lake Road. Turn left and go back under the highway once again, now heading south.

Travel another 1.5 minutes and you will see the gravel pit on your right side. We will have markers out for you to follow all through here, please be careful to follow these instructions. Look for entrance Cones (bright orange) and possibly a Canadian Flag.

Via Highway 97C from Kelowna

For those of you that are traveling up 97C from Kelowna, take LOON LAKE ROAD EXIT. And you should see the Loon Lake Road to your right. Simply follow the that road and the Loon Lake Road Signs and you should find the site very easily.

NOTE: Should you find yourself on a gravel road anywhere along this route, you've taken a wrong turn! The entire route to the site is paved. The only gravel you should hit is as the site itself!

If anyone has any questions please email us as soon as possible at the email address listed below. Some of us will be leaving Thursday morning, some Thursday afternoon to get the site set up. Please, don't hesitate to email us. We will be happy to give you a call and talk you through it if necessary. It is very well marked so everyone should be fine.

See you all in Merritt!