About the Merritt Astronomical Society

Enthusiastic Astronomers, the avid campers that they are, would visit the Merritt Area occasionally, yet they noticed something special about the Night Skies in this part of British Columbia.

They came to the realization that the Merritt Area, with its Dark Night Skies, would be an extremely advantageous situation to take advantage of. So they set the ball in motion, they approached, the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society and the many chapters of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The idea of course was to find an area, large enough to accommodate a good many Astronomers from all over, and their campers and or tents, set their equipment up and enjoy a few nights under those deep dark skies of Merritt B.C.

It didn't take much convincing and a newly formed society came into being!

Hence the formulation of the Merritt Astronomical Society was born.

Executive of Society

  • Mark McLaughlin - President

  • Suzanna Nagy - Vice-president

  • Jim Kanester - Secretary

  • Nichole McLaughlin - Treasurer

  • Greg Sebulsky - Councillor at Large

  • Ted Allen - Councillor at Large

  • Craig O'Beirne - Councillor at Large

  • Dan Sklazeski - Councillor at Large

Postal address

Merritt Astronomical Society

32760 Crane Avenue

Mission, BC

V2V 4V2