CANCELLED: Merritt Star Quest 2022

Unfortunately and despite the best efforts of Council for MSQ and especially our President, Mark McLaughlin, we have yet to be able to secure a new site for the annual Merritt Star Quest. Please follow us on Facebook for faster notifications when we have news to share at

WELCOME! Each year the Merritt Astronomical Society hosts a large and roomy Star Party!

Directions to the LOON LAKE observing site.

If you're into camping and doing "all nighter's" under a canopy of stars, observing deep sky objects and the occasional planet then this event is right up your alley!

Please note that this star party is NOT a public outreach event. This star party is for astronomy enthusiasts who own observing equipment (binoculars or telescope). We are not equipped for general visitors looking to wander through and "check things out".

The event runs for a period of 8 days and 8 nights! Making it possible for those who can't make it for the entire event to at least have the weekends. Also should one weekend suffer bad weather, then the second or following weekend will hopefully take up the slack.

But you're a hearty observer like so many others at this event then you're in good company! When the weather is spot on, it's really spectacular! Some have even considered the Milky Way as "Light Pollution!" So if you want to see the stars as Galileo saw them then this site and event is the place to be!


This event is at an elevation of 1158 metres ( 3800 feet). The weather at night can either be extremely comfortable (very warm) or it can drop to winter conditions (freezing). So be absolutely sure that you bring your winter weather clothing even though the temperatures can reach into the 90's during the day! So upon reading this, you can't say you haven't been warned! Trust me on this one, folks!


SUGGESTED SUMMER WEAR (During the day!): You decide!

For those of you who like to hike or swim, Kentucky Alleyne Lakes is a mere 7 kms away. Just follow Loon Lake Road, going a little further west from the site and you'll come upon some of the bluest/green lakes you've ever seen! It's a good place to go for water as well, with fresh water and not well water. This was an upgrade at the provincial park a few years ago.

We look to seeing you all there!